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About Safuvest

Safuvest is an all in one super app that will enable users save, borrow or lend cryptocurrency assets.

Earn the industry’s highest interest rates on major cryptocurrencies by lending your assets while also having the security and protection of full collateralization and automatic application of lending default terms.

Borrowers will be able to take a low interest loan against your existing crypto assets with an interest fee structure that is transparent and based on market supply and demand.


Save In Stablecoins and Earn up to 15% annual interest.

Earn up to 15% annual interest.


High Interest Rates

Up to 15% APY for stable currencies compared to traditional interest rates offering 1 – 2% APY


Flexible Loans

Access to loans using your Digital Assets as collateral with flexible terms.


Save in Stable Currencies

Hedge your wealth against inflation by saving in Stable coins.


Boost To Earn More Interest

You can boost your APY using $SAFV utility token and also for lower transaction fees.

How Is Safuvest Different?

Safuvest is creating the infrastructure for digital assets lending for the crypto economy.

SAFV Token

Safuvest is powered by the $SAFV token, a utility token minted on the Binance Smart Chain with a fixed maximum supply of 100,000,000 with 10 decimals.

$SAFV Token Details

Name: Safuvest
Ticker: $SAFV
Total Supply: 100,000,000

Decimals: 10

$SAFV Distribution

Founding Team: 22%
Marketing: 6%
Liquidity: 9%
Marketing & Airdrop: 3%
Presale Round: 15%
Public Sale: 15%
Staking Rewards: 30%

Presale Details

Presale Allocation: 15,000,000
Presale Hardcap: $400,000


Public Sale Details:

Public Sale Allocation: 15,000,000
Public Sale Hardcap: $600,000



Here’s a timeline of Safuvest Development Roadmap

Our Team


Denis Lukavackic

Operating Officer


Leonardus Soeterbroek

Project Manager


Vishnu Shekhawat

Social Media Manager


Safijur Rahman

Community Manager

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